We are delighted to share the video of Andy’s recent appearance on EXTRA TV, where he spoke with host Billy Bush on the estate of Lisa Marie Presley.

From the video:

Extra TV: Lisa Marie not only left behind a rock and roll legacy of her own, she also inherited a reported $100 million fortune from her father. But reports say she had gone through that massive amount of money. And she has said to have owed the IRS a million dollars. Author and estate attorney Andy Mayoras is here with me right now. I’m hearing Lisa Marie was spending $92,000 a month. Is that possible? Did she have that?

Andy: Well, it sounds like she did because even though Lisa Marie lost a lot of the great fortune she inherited from Elvis—she was still reportedly earning over a hundred thousand dollars a month from her retained interest in Elvis Presley Estate Enterprises. And reportedly, Lisa Marie was spending over $92,000 a month—while deeply in debt.

Extra TV: What do you think the reason is?

Andy: Unfortunately, it appears that Lisa Marie never got over the lifestyle she was raised in as Elvis’s daughter. She was still leasing a Maserati, spending $23,000 a month and rent alone. So clearly, she was living like Elvis’s daughter, even though her income stream didn’t necessarily support that lifestyle.

Extra TV: Thank you, Andy.

To learn more about Elvis Presley’s Estate and Lisa Marie Presley’s finances, visit » The Fleecing of the Elvis Presley Estate.

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